eCommerce Development + Hosting

Unfamiliar on how to start your own website? Let us be the one to develop your E-commerce site! From ordering systems to payment integration, Ekommerce got you. We also provide training on how to use your new system.

Let your store be found easily! Provide a web hosting for your site for easy searching. No time to maintain your own hosted website? We will do it for you. Maintenance will be on us, too.

Inventory & Service Management

Inventory management is key to fast sales. It is important that you keep track of your inventory to see an overview of your sales. We will be glad to assist you — from what needs to be restocked, fast moving items, and those that needs to be pulled out. Also, we have customer service representatives to help you cater out concerns from your online business.

Payment Gateway Integration

Partnered with Dragon Pay and Paypal. Your online store can accept almost any mode of payment. Just like your online store, customers can order and pay online 24/7. We offer credit card payments, bank deposits and over the counter payment. Having the most trusted payment gateways to date, rest assured that your data is secured with us.


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Email Notifications

Send notifications to customers at critical stages such as

  • New customer order
  • Cancelled order
  • Refunded order
  • Completed order

Keep the customers updated with their orders automatically.

Sales Reports & Analytics

Daily, Weekly or Monthly? Generate sales report in a defined range of date you want. Identify which product are your best sellers and which are unnoticed. Get to know where your most loyal buyers are from. Create reports that can be useful for your marketing based on statistics and analytics you can get from it. This is a feature you can get from us as well!


We understand that customers are the most important part of your business. Look after them and assist them with their inquiries and problems. Worry no more because we can provide customer service support for your business! Be contacted easily by customers.

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